Having an ace remove gunk can foster the efficiency of your HVAC, although contrary to popular belief, there aren’t any health benefits linked to cleaning air ducts.

Your furnace filter catches much of the things, but shoddy duct setup, remodeling projects, or negligence can lead to a buildup of gunk within your duct work that threatens the efficacy of your system.

Are Filthy Ducts Dangerous to Your Health? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims no studies have proven that duct cleaning prevents health problems. Additionally, there isn’t evidence that dirty duct work increases dust levels inside houses. But some people are somewhat more sensitive to pet dander and airborne dust than many others. However, before you reach for the telephone, take a great look to see if your ducts are not clean. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could take an unbelievable journey through your duct work to see if cleaning is needed? Using a pocket digital camera you can come close. It is easy to snake a vacuum cleaner hose into the duct and remove the stuff. But if you see a thick coat of dust beyond what your vacuum can accomplish along with an extended trail of crap, your house could be a nominee for professional cleaning. Call your Oklahoma City air duct cleaning company to look for These Symptoms: Clogs of dust, cobwebs, and debris, or noticeable particles blowing out of supply registers, Visible mold on the inside surfaces of ducts, Rodent droppings and dead insects inside ducts.

“Folks get it done as soon as they buy a house,” he says. “It is like getting the carpets cleaned.”

Great Reasons for Duct Cleaning

  • Collected dust so that it will not discard into the family is removed by cleaning.
  • Airflow eases and raises the efficiency of the system, in extraordinary instances as much as 40%.
  • Fiberglass collects more dust than sheet metal for those who have fiberglass ducting.

Reasons to Bypass Duct Cleaning

  • Cost.
  • Health benefits aren’t demonstrated.
  • Dust and consequently may not be a difficulty and debris caught on the inside of ducts is not circulating.
  • Especially when combined with yearly furnace cleaning changing furnace filters regularly often does the job