Moving To College Campus 2018

Going To College In 2018 – Here Are Some Moving Tips And Student Advice

preparing to move out of stateMoving from out of state to attend college is an awesome experience, one that will be a memorable moment in your life. There’s a lot you can not control, however, there are a number of things you can control to make your move better. If you are moving around locally to attend an in-state school then you pretty much got it made, but if you are traveling from Portland, Oregon to attend Rutgers College than you got a long distance move ahead of you and you should prepare accordingly. Below are a few helpful tips that should help you better prepare for your big move.

Pack Efficiently

If you have ever stumbled into a dorm room, you know that floor space is limited, so prepare by packing efficiently and limit needed junk. Before you pack your moving truck with what you think you may need, you need to consider these few thoughts.

1. Weather

Do your homework before you move out, confirm what winter attire you may need to get you through the school year. It’s possible that your clothing selection you have now isn’t right for the area you are moving too. If you are moving into a very cold area like New Jersey is in the winter, grab a jacket, gloves, boots, hats, and anything else you can bundle with. The last thing you want to do is arrive at school and not have appropriate clothes. As limited as space may be in your new dorm room, you can make room for winter clothing, trust me it’s worth it.

2. Everything You Need

Start packaging boxes containing things you’ll absolutely need when you arrive. Things like your clothes, bedding, and hygiene supplies will be the priority here. In addition, be realistic with the phrase “need.”

3. Everything You Don’t Need

When you’ve made space for your must-have items, minimal packingyou likely still have things you want to take but don’t necessarily need. Be careful here, as whatever you pack will need to be unpacked, and packed again when you move out. You may enjoy your stuffed animal collection, but it may be a good idea to leave it at home with mom and dad. Again, keep the weather in your mind.

4. Do Some Research

It might not seem like the most interesting thing to do, but it is going to pay off after you are moved and settled into your new place. Take some time to explore your new surroundings so that you may have a better idea about the states landscape, local attractions, and things to do after you get moved in.

5. Leverage Resources

Whether you are flying or driving when you move, you can facilitate your trip with different services. Double check with the school to see if they offer any student aid when moving in from out of state. It’s possible that they have something worked out with a local group of college movers that can help you get unpacked and settled.

6. Plan Ahead Of Time

Preparing for college is a busy time, you will need to plan ahead to make sure you have everything you need to make the move. Give yourself plenty of time to book rental trucks, rooms if it’s a road trip, movers, and storage units if you need one. There are companies like Bluebell Moving and Storage that facilitate out of state moves like these. But using any relocation service in your area will help. Just give ample time to schedule your move with them.


Moving out of state can be hectic for a young student on the go for the first time. While it’s hectic, it is also an exciting time in life to move, travel, and experience new things. Everything I mentioned above will help you on this journey you will embark on. Take notes, plan, pack, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime that is college!


Kingsville Country Club – Real Estate and Dress Code

L.E. Ramey Golf Course & Homes For Sale

le ramey golf course dress codeEver wish you could come home from work and step out onto the greens and play a round of 9? Kingsville Texas is home to some of the states most beautiful greens and the real estate surrounding it is surprisingly affordable.

This Kingsville course is loaded with water hazards, bunkers, and mesquite trees, L.E. Ramey is a tough little course that was one of the best courses in the state when it was built in the 1970s. This is a solid design with tree-lined fairways and large greens in outstanding condition. The course was named after Kingsville doctor and avid golfer Lindell Ramey

The course has changed management many times over the years, fluctuating back and forth between private owners and Kleberg County. The course suffers during drought conditions with dried-out fairways that cannot be helped by the aging irrigation system. Locals have pushed for private ownership to ensure that the course is well maintained, but no takers have surfaced. This may be a factor in the low price of real estate that surrounds the area. Unkept courses tend to draw a different crowd.

Regardless of the occasional drought that dries out the fairways, residence and members typically enjoyed a fun fueled time out on the greens under the Texas sunshine. The course measures a distance of about 6,185 yards from the middle tees. Men and women enjoy playing these courses as they are fun and challenging at the same time.

There are currently homes for sale in the community and surrounding areas.

Country Club Dress Code

Be sure to leave the flip flops at home. L.E.Ramey has a casual dress code in place but is not receptive to beach wear. Male members are often fitted casually in Khakis and nice golf shoes, while our female members are often seen in designer clothing purchased online from places like . In the evenings the club restaurant has stricter guide lines for dining attire. Something more formal is recommended but not necessarily required.

Call Now

If you are interested in purchasing property in or around this golf course then contact us today.


Tips On Finding Luxury Apartments

If you are from a big town, it is quite obvious that there could be a real struggle for finding the right apartment that fits our needs. It should be well located, comfortable and most importantly, it should be affordable and within our budgets. Searching for the right luxury apartments could take days and weeks. Unless you are able to do your research properly and then decide, you could be moving around in circles. Eventually, you might end up making the wrong choice. Hence, we are sharing some useful tips and we are sure it will help to get the right luxury apartments within a short period of time.

Get Roommates On Board

If you are single, it would always be better to look for roommates who could share the luxury apartment with you. Dividing the rental cost with a few roommates having like-minded thoughts could help in bringing down the burden quite a bit. Of course, if you are wealthy and can afford to pay a large amount as rent, then you have the liberty of choosing the right luxury apartment to suit your specific styles, preferences, and requirements.

Choose The Lean Period

Rents for all apartments including luxury ones are directly related to demand and supply. When there is an increased demand the rents go up quite a bit. For example, if the luxury apartment is located near a college, school or university, you could find an increase in demand during the beginning of the academic season. Seasonal changes to demand might also occur and the demand could see a slump during the winter season. Hence, you must do your research and be sure that you choose the right time for such luxury apartments in OKC.

Be Aware Of Other Charges

You should also understand about the additional charges that are often charged by these luxury apartment owners. For example, there could be additional charges for parking and a separate deposit might be asked for pets. This will be in addition to pet rents and this will vary depending on the location. The rentals for pets could start from $10 a month and could go up to $50 a month depending on the city and the kind of luxury apartments. Parking charges could also be in the range of $40. Hence, all the above factors should be taken into account when it comes to choosing the right luxury apartments on rent nichols hills OK.

Look For New Properties

Staying in a brand new luxury apartment is indeed a wonderful experience. If you do your research, take some time and then decide, it is quite obvious that you will be able to come across dozens of new luxury apartments and complexes. Many of these new property owners are ready to offer the first month’s rent for free and this could be a big saving for you indeed. When one looks at it from an annualized basis, it certainly could be big savings for you.

Hence, if you do your research and then decide, it is quite possible that you will be able to come across dozens of affordable luxury apartments. It might take time and therefore patience and perseverance is the keyword.

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Why Hire Property Management Professionals

Are you from Oklahoma City and the owner of a number of properties? If yes, it is quite possible that you would have either rented or leased most of the properties. You could live one of them or even a couple of them. As a landlord, it would not be possible for you to take care of the property all on your own. This is because of a number of reasons. Lack of time and your preoccupation with other tasks could be one of the biggest challenges. Hence, a smart way forward would be to hire the services of professionals for the job.  There are many property owners who are quite happy hiring the services of property managers or even firms that are into property management in Edmond. On the other side, there are conventional thinking people who believe that property management is best done by the owners themselves. Where does the truth lie? If you ask experts they are of the firm belief that it is always better to hire professionals to do the job. According to them, there are many reasons for the same and we are happy to share a few of them for the benefit of our readers.

 They Could Ensure High-Quality Tenants

 Tenant screening is important and as property owners, we would like to stay away from bad tenants. When you hire property managers, they have time tested and proven ways of identifying the right tenant. These professionals will ensure that you have a tenant that pays his or her rent on time, stays on rent for a longer period of time, takes reasonably good care of the property and is amicable and well behaved with other tenants. These professionals would have seen thousands of applications because of their experience and this will certainly be of immense use to the landlords and property owners.

 They Will Take Care Of Legal Problems

 One troublesome tenant could cause significant legal and other problems. It could be stressful for the landlord and could consume quite a bit of time, money and effort. However, if you have to hire a professional for managing the property, you can be sure that these problems will be handled in the right manner. They have the wherewithal and experience to do a good job of screening tenants and also taking them on legally should the push come to shove.

 They Will Take Care Of The Municipal Laws

 When you have professional property firms and manager in Moore, you can rest assure that the various municipality rules and regulations will be followed to the last sentence. As a landlord, you would always like to be on the right side of the rule book and these professionals will help that you are able to do that on a continuous basis. They will take care of the taxes, municipal notices and will keep the landlords updated about the changes to the local municipal building rules, tenant rules, and other such changes. It will certainly take away quite a bit of stress away from the landlords and help them focus on other important things.

Hence, it is quite obvious that just by paying a few hundred dollars, you could get quite a number of benefits from these property management professionals.


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How To Get The Right Home For Rent

Whether you are looking for a first time rental facility or whether you are planning to move to a new place or a bigger home or apartment, the process of identifying the right rental home can be quite challenging, time-consuming and even overwhelming for many. It would be pertinent to mention here that almost 35% of Americans stay in rented homes. Many are in their early adulthood, there are families too that opt for rented homes. Many seniors and empty nesters also prefer staying in rented homes or have no other option. However, the good news is that there are properties available for rent to cater to various needs and requirements. In case you are looking for a rented home, it is quite likely that you will find the next few lines interesting and informative. We are sharing some useful tips that we believe could help you in identifying the homes for rent Nichols Hills OK.

Be Sure About Your Budget

As mentioned above, there are different types of homes, apartments and even bungalows available at different rates and in different sizes. The starting point is to be sure that you look only for homes within your budget. Otherwise, you will be wasting time and will be literally beating around the bush. You will just end up moving around in circles and in the end, you might choose a home that is not of your budget and perhaps not even the right one in terms of size and other attributes.

Be Sure About The Location

The next important thing is to be sure about the location where you want the rented home to be situated. If you are staying single then the location may not be a big problem. However, you should always look for a decent location with decent people. It should also be well located in terms of transport facilities, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, hospitals, and other amenities.

Check On The Deposits You Have To Pay

The next important task is to always make sure that you have a clear understanding of the deposit that you need to make to the landlord or the homeowner. There are some unwritten rules as far as the quantum of deposits is concerned. You must make sure that you are paying only the market rates as far as deposits are concerned. This would call for researching and doing your homework properly and then moving forward.

Physically Inspect The Home

Most landlords enter into a written agreement with the tenants. Hence, before you take possession of the townhomes for rent in OKC, you must physically verify the condition of the home and be sure that you are paying for what you have been promised. Further, you also should make sure that the home is in the same condition as it is mentioned in the agreement. If not, you should not sign the agreement before the corrections are made. When you vacate the home, you will have to return it in the same condition as it was handed over to you when you first entered into the home as a tenant.

Hence, there are quite a few things that one must bear in mind when it comes to choosing your home on rent.

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Advantages Of Hiring Property Management Professionals

You could be the owner of a number of residential and commercial properties. It certainly is good news because of a number of reasons. First and foremost, you will be able to get regular passive income in the form of rents. Further, the properties in question will increase in value over a period of time. You could end up making millions of dollars just by selling the properties at a later point in time. However, on the flip side building property is just one part of the story. You should ensure that you are able to keep it in the right condition. This is possible only when you understand the importance of property maintenance. If it is one or two property, you perhaps can do the property maintenance on your own by appointing your own people and staff. However, if there are a number of such properties then it makes much better sense to hire professional property management service in Del City OK. If you are from Oklahoma City and are on the lookout for such professionals, it makes sense for you to take the help of professionals because of the following obvious reasons.

Not Much Of Legal Worries

There are many federal, state and local laws that apply to your property and also it is applicable to the tenants. However, most homeowners are not aware of the legal implications and the laws of the land. Under such circumstances and situations, it would be better to hand over the job to a property management consultant or professional. They will be able to do a much better job of it and handle the various legal issues quite comfortably. This will lead to peace of mind for the owners of the buildings and he or she can concentrate on various other things.

Less Vacancy

Quite often the properties of the owners lie vacant for months and perhaps years at length. This is because the owners do not have the time to get into the task of identifying and giving the property on rent. These activities can easily be handled by property management in Midwest City OK. This is because they have a better idea about the rental and tenancy markets and will be able to identify the right tenants and ensure that the vacancy period is reduced quite significantly.

Lack Of Communication Between Owner And Tenant

There is no doubt that managing tenants often have to be tough. It could be with regard to late payment of rent or other such things. In many cases, property owners stay quite far away from the tenant and unscrupulous tenants try to take advantage of the situation. They try and delay payments inordinately. All these can be avoided should you hire the services of professionals for doing the job.

Quality As Far As Property Maintenance Is Concerned

When you have dedicated property management professional for doing the job you can be sure that the efficiency levels will be much higher. The smallest of problems with the property will be identified early in the day so that corrective action can be taken immediately.

These are a few of the reasons as to why it makes perfect sense to hire property management professionals instead of trying DIY techniques and methods.

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Why One Should Rent A Home Instead Of Buying It?

Well! it is always better to rent rather than buying in today’s real estate housing market, as there are many reason including – Renting and reinvesting is a kind of savings that will outperform owning and building home equity on an average, in terms of wealth creation in USA.

The increasing housing prices and high voltage rates makes it easy to get the home on rent instead of buying one. The monthly headache of instalments for almost half of your life will not let you live your life  freely and may snatch. The rent rate increases slowly rather than occupying a home

Last but not the least if you are thinking that you are buying a house for your children and for the bright future,  then it will be totally a mistake because if your children’s are eligible and deserving then they can afford themselves and you as well in future.  Otherwise it is possible the might kick you out of your own house.

 Buying Home Is A Costly Affair

Fast rising home prices in US, have been shifted the calculation to renting rather than buying a home. it is far more cheaper and convenient option by nowadays in US specially. When you rent a property you are free to shift according to your convenience.  the lease agreement of renting the home will have some regulating terms,  when you move on or  shit to another place,  even you can carry your luggage out in a short span of time.

OKC Luxury apartments you can find easily in USA if you need some help you can spend searching apartment a house according to your rent affordability, that may fit your budget. In USA nowadays it has become quite easy to find out a suitable  rent for homes in USA.

Homes on rent in USA never disappoint you because keep changing your home as per your convenient budget in life’s ups and downs never bother you.  There are lots of real estate homes on rent in Nichols Hills OK providers along with luxury facilities one is looking for.

 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Taking Homes On Rent

There is huge demand for homes on rent in USA, for this sake tenants should be aware of before taking a house on rent.  It is extremely important to be transparent about the facilities that your landlord is providing without any hidden charges.  Read to know what things one should keep in mind before signing the contract  of lease

  • Readthe contract carefully.
  • Is there any responsibilities on your head regarding repair and maintenance.
  • Check out the notice period.
  • There should not be any penalty if you would like to move on before the expiration date of the contract.
  • Check out all the pipes whether it’s gas  or water.
  • Avoid high traffic areas locations.
  • Electricity and all appliances’  should be working properly.
  • The contract must not be more than 11 months.
  • Avoid those Apartments where the landlords leaves write in your neighbourhood.
  • There must not be any hidden charges after signing a contract.

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When to Hire a Property Management Company?

Though it can be beneficial for a property owner to hire a professional Norman property management company it can also be an expensive option for him. Moreover it is not easy to find a reliable management company for his property. So before taking a decision to hire a company for the city rental property management you should determine whether you really need them. The tips provided here under can help you in this regard.

You should hire a property management company if:

You have several rental units to handle: A property management company Edmond OK can be beneficial for you if you have several rental properties as it will increase the number rental units to tackle with.

You live away from your rental property: If you live far away from the location of your rental property then it can be worthy to hire a property management company as you may not be able to handle the issues raised by your tenants.

You do not want to manage the things yourself: It can be challenging for many landlords to manage the safety and attractiveness of their property along with finding reliable tenants for it. But if you strictly consider your rental property as an investment then hiring a management company can make its day-to-day management easier.

You are short of time: Some people are unable to manage their rental property, even if they are interested in managing it themselves, due to their busy work schedule or lack of time due to any reason. If you want to change the structure of your business or expand your property business then you may need time to search for arranging finances and new properties. So, you may need to hire a property management company Oklahoma City, OK.

You can bear the cost: If you can afford the cost of hiring a property management company then it can be a boon for you. Most of these companies quote 5-10% of the collection of rental revenue as their fee, while interviewed by the landlord. It can be a very reasonable offer as it can ensure regular in-flow of monthly cash against a small fee.

You are overwhelmed with management work: If you have a growing business then at one point you may need someone to help you in managing the things properly. It can be a property management company if you are in rental property business.

You do not like to be an employer: You can become an employer if you hire a resident manager and staff for managing your rental properties. Being an employer you will have to handle a number of legal and social responsibilities. But you can get rid of all these formalities by hiring a property management company as they are working for you on commission basis. So they cannot be called your employees.

Thus, you can hire a property management company when any of the conditions discussed above is true for you. A professional management company can help you in enjoying quality life without worrying about your rental properties and their tenants.

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Advantages Of Luxury Apartment Buying

Yes, it is a fact that Oklahoma City luxury apartments are expensive and perhaps even out of reach for money. However, if you can manage money and do some sacrifice right now, there are obviously many long-term and short-term benefits as far as these luxury apartments are concerned. It certainly is the choice for all those who do not want to make any compromises with their quality of life. At the end of the day, we have to bear in mind that we spend almost 60% of our time in our homes and we should try and live a comfortable and luxurious life to the extent possible. There is bound to be a drop and increase in the demand for luxury homes, but it never will fade away or die. As is the case with expensive cars, watches, and other gadgets, there is a continuous demand for luxury apartments. We are happy to share some useful and pertinent information about the same. We believe that it will be useful in understanding the various benefits associated with these types of apartments. There is no denying the fact that there are a growing number of people who have increasing levels of disposable incomes and this explains the growth in the demand for luxury homes.

Status Aspiration

There is no doubt that buying a luxury home is a matter of status and prestige for most of us. There is nothing wrong in aspiring to live a better quality of life. At the end of the day, these luxury homes have been bought with hard earned money. Hence, they would like to use this money to live a life of luxury, sophistication, and class. This will not certainly be possible in a 2BHK home or apartment and therefore you will have to choose the right homes for rent in Nichols Hills OK.

Comfort Of Living

The comfort of living associated with Northwest OKC luxury apartments is better experienced rather than being talked about or written about. When you spend money and buy a luxury apartment you could enjoy quite a few things. You stay in one of the posh areas of the city. Further, you will have a number of features and benefits and these include the gym, themed gardens and landscapes, swimming pools, lawns that are manicured, meditation centers, the best of security systems, high tech responsive fixtures, shopping, medical and other facilities and also entertainment halls and other such avenues.


You also can expect top of the line security because these luxury apartments invest a lot in ensuring that you live with the best of gated communities. Each and every movement in and out of the housing complex and also the individual homes are fully monitored at all points of time.


Quality Neighbors

You can be sure that the neighbors would be of much better quality and social standing. It will go a long way in also lifting your standard of knowledge and social standing. It will certainly have the best of environment for your children to grow up and also adults to move around and socialize.

Hence it is quite obvious that there are a number of advantages and benefits associated with luxury apartments which are too difficult to miss out.


How Property Management services Help Tenants

A Moore Property management company is the bridge between property owners and tenants. In my humble opinion, properties that are handled by a property manager comes with lot of advantages. The benefits are always mutual for the property owner and the tenant. But in fact, a property manager is more helpful to the tenant in several ways. At the same time, the process of renting a property becomes more easy and smooth through a property manager.

Lets learn more about how a property management service helps Tenants.

Identifying the Property:

Identifying the property is the major part of the process. There are people who spend hours of time everyday on property rental sites and end up identifying nothing. Reason is that, most of the nicest properties are available with property managers. Not only that, those properties will be rented out in lightning speed. Because, an experienced property management company will have a wide range of properties under their maintenance, also they will have a lot of subscribers who needs a property for rent or lease. Thus, connecting both the community becomes easier for them.

Since their portfolio is big, identifying the property which fits your budget and needs becomes a walk in the park.

Rental Procedures and Paper works:

 Property managers usually keep everything ready. Which means, they know their job well. After finding the property of your liking, signing the paperwork is the very next step. Generally, a property manager will have a very friendly yet ethical relationship with the tenants and the property owners. That way, they can negotiate the terms and conditions easily with both the parties.

It helps the tenant to understand the requirements of the property owner. Similarly, the property owner will know the tenant better. Thus, most of the talking and paperwork is done without much complications.

Possession & Relocating:

You may know how to order services online, but when it comes to reliability and pricing, a known network of people are the best. A property manager will know the reliable technicians, plumbers and electricians in the community. Normally, these workers will charge much lesser than the ones you get from online ads and paper ads. The property manager will help you with his contacts to get the job done in cheaper cost.

Above all, he will assist you in understanding the locality, you can reach out to the property manager for any requirements pertains to the property.

Maintenance & Complaints:

Most of the property owners who handle the maintenance and renting process on their own are a bit aggressive, most of the times they will try to cut the problem without a proper solution. But a property manager will listen to your needs, will agree to the facts and readily help you with the solution. Maintenance of the property is being taken care by the property manager, hence the tenant don’t have to worry about the property maintenance.


Norman Property management services are not only for the property owners, but they care equally for the tenants. Because, tenants are the ones who generate the rental income for the landlords. A genuine tenant will get complete assistance and support from the property manager at all circumstance.




















Picking the Right Real Estate Agency

Buying or selling a property is no joke. In order to make sure that the deal goes in your favor there is a lot of things that you need to be concerned with. But, if you have never encountered anything like this before, then please understand that this is not at all an easy task. In fact, property owners who have done this many times before end up making a mistake. Hence comes the importance and necessity to pick the right real estate agency that can effectively help you out.

  1. Researching is the key

In order to avoid losing time, people usually go with the first Eufaula real estate agents that pops up on their screen. But this is a big no-no. Buying or selling a property is a time consuming and complicated process which needs a qualified and suitable real estate agency. Thus, the researching process is very important, and you should spend as much time as you need to select the best out of the lot.

How long the real estate agency is in business? Do they have the right credentials? Who are the clients they have worked with in the past, and more importantly were they satisfied with the agency’s work? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when looking into the profile of a real estate agency you want to work with.

Before committing to the agency, you need to make sure that they indeed have the ability to help you out or deliver what they promise effectually and quickly. So, take as much time as you want to research about an agency via reading testimonials, feedbacks, contacting them directly, word of mouth and other methods to find out their actual capability.

  1. Current listing

Looking into the current listings of the real estate agency you are interested in is one of the most effective method of picking the right help for you. It is very important to make sure that agent’s listings mirror the property you are interested in.

Is the price range according to your fixed budget? Is it in the area of your choosing? Are they well aware of the market in question? Do they know about the demographics, schools and transports near the property in question? If the real estate agency personally or via the information provided in their official website/flyer/brochure can provide a satisfactory answer to all these questions, then you can be sure of the fact that the real estate agency will be a safe bet to go with.

  1. Helpful services

You must know that the task of homes for sale in eufaula, ok is a long process which can take months in most cases. So, picking the right real estate agency is crucial as you will be working with them for a long time.

Do they have a quick and effective customer care service? Do they have the access to recent market sales and appraisal data in the locality you are concerned with? Can they provide you with the needed advice on negotiating with you and the other party and on the most appropriate method of sale? Can they effectively administer all the needed legal and financial requirements on your behalf? If you see that the real estate agency provides these type of helpful and needed services, then they are indeed a helpful agency.

If you choose accordingly by asking these questions, then you will definitely have an established and experienced agency helping you out.

The Benefits of Property Management for the Landlord and the Tenant

Property owners benefit from using a property management firm in a number of ways, a few of which we’ll address here. We’ll also discuss the benefits of using a oklahoma city rental property management firm to manage the property provide your tenants.

Tenant Screening

One benefit of relying on a property management expert for tenant screening when you have a vacancy is that they do this for a living. They know what laws and local regulations apply to property listings. They won’t ask illegal questions of your tenants. They’ll collect the necessary information and paperwork needed to prove you screened all the applicants against neutral standards like creditworthiness and prior landlord recommendations.

Potential tenants can benefit from going through a property management company when submitting an application. A landlord may not be able to get back to them until after work, whereas property management firms do this for a living. They’ll have more time slots to show the property and will run all the necessary background checks as quickly as possible. Someone won’t have to wait until the weekend to find out if they’re approved or denied.

Rent Collection

Property management firms typically handle rent collection for landlords. If you struggle to stand up to the sob stories of why the late is rent or requests to forgive part of the rent if they mow the grass and take care of generic maintenance tasks, you need to outsource rent collection to a property management firm. They can set up electronic rent payment portals or use one they already have to collect rent. Now your tenants can’t say the check is the mail. Instead, they pay the rent as if it were another electronic bill payment. These systems typically allow the property management firm to take their 10% or so commission off the rent before forwarding you the remainder. That balance could show up in your bank account before a tenant’s check might or might not reach you.

A side benefit of such third party collections is the thorough record-keeping. They’ll track whether or not the tenant paid on time, was a couple of days late, or if you began eviction proceedings. If it is necessary to begin eviction for non-payment of rent, a property management firm knows the whole deal. They know which forms to submit to the courts, what notices need to be given to the tenants when, and how to formally evict someone.

Maintenance and Repairs

One of the greatest benefits for landlords and tenants alike is outsourcing maintenance and repairs to a property management firm. Few landlords really want to answer a phone call at 10 PM on a Saturday night saying the toilets in the okc rental property management are backed up. Fewer want to load up the necessary equipment and show up to fix toilets in the middle of the night. Property management firms usually have several maintenance people on hand to handle emergencies like this. They could advise a tenant on what to do if clean water is flooding out of a toilet or sewage is backing up, such as how to shut off the water to the house. They know what questions to ask to determine if the power is out because of a tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse, local storm or failure to pay the electric bill. If the issue can be handled by a handyman, they’ll dispatch one in a reasonable time frame. If an expert like an electrician or HVAC repair person is necessary, they may contact the landlord for permission or go ahead and schedule service, depending on the agreement they have with the landlord. This frees up the landlord from having to search for a pool pump repair person or pest service on short order and get them to the property as quickly as possible.

You must use a property management firm if you’re a long-distance landlord. This is because your tenants may be allowed to withhold rent if you can’t address serious issues like lack of heat, plumbing failures and electrical problems in a timely manner.

Property management firms may offer a number of services as part of their package. Tenants may appreciate regular lawn maintenance and pool cleanings, while the landlord knows that this work is being done right. It certainly prevents getting in trouble with the city for not maintaining the rental. Landlords can continue these maintenance activities after a tenant moves out so that the property looks good even as it is shown to potential tenants.